is more than just a boutique selling clothes. It is a community of fearless people who have big dreams and are willing to work hard to make them come true. They all share the same attitude of being goal diggers. The members of Lawsofashion help each other to stay motivated and to always work harder. Each item of the collection available in the boutique encourages people to stay motivated and reminds them of the power they have deep inside their soul.


When you wear Lawsofashion, the impossible becomes POSSIBLE.


Marie-Ange Mourad, a Montreal based artist and professional life enjoyer created LOF in order to gather all the dreamers together in one place: Together, we are stronger.


You have a dream but don’t know where or how to start? You are currently working hard to make your dreams come true and want to stay motivated and have fun while succeeding? You already made your dream come true and want to share your story and tips? You are ALL welcome to join Lawsofashion!


About Marie-Ange Mourad



Her life changed. She woke up one day and decided to go on a spontaneous trip with her sister all the way from the east to the west coast. Los Angeles, city of Angels. She found herself in heaven and didn’t want to leave, ever. She knew that this is where she was meant to be. Where she was happy and could be at her best. Obviously, she had to come back to Montreal, but that weird and exciting feeling never left her body. Her life was not the same anymore. Since that trip, every action she did, every thought she had, it was all oriented toward one specific objective: moving to L. A. as soon as possible.


Curious by nature and very concerned about the environment, animal welfare and the human’s health, she started reading a lot about the food and health industry and discovered many things that convinced her to become vegan. Thanks to her sister, Isabelle Mourad, who introduced her to the subject because becoming vegan was the best decision in her entire life. This is why now she makes sure everything presented in this blog is vegan and cruelty-free.


By pure chance, she went shopping to an art shop and bought alcohol based markers. Why? Because she thought they looked so pretty and colourful and because deep inside, she knew how much she was missing the time when she used to draw. That’s when she instantly discovered a new passion for these markers. Now, she was left with two different passions: fashion and markers (art), and one dream: move to Los Angeles.


Right before Christmas, she had a crazy and exciting idea: combine her two passions, fashion and drawing, to launch her very own clothing and accessories collection hand-designed by her very own self.


Lawsofashion was supposed to be launched in early 2018 but a lot of things happened in her personal life and she had to put the project on hold. The year of 2018 turned out to be in fact an really important one in her life. That’s when she officially became an animal rights activist. Why? Because she wanted (needed) to defend the voiceless (animals who cannot speak up for themselves) and influence other to stop wearing real fur and leather, stop buying products tested on animals, and go vegan to save, again, animals, our planet and our health.


Lawsofashion is finally launched. The collection is a success and the LOF community reaches 35 000 people on social networks! Marie-Ange decides to create the limited editions: a new design every month that will be available only for a limited time.


She is working everyday on her first collection currently available!! While being an activist for animal rights 24h/7, she is also working on the Lawsofashion blog to share with you tips on how to allow yourself to dream, how to achieve your goals by being a professional goal digger and how to be fearless. And last but not least, she is preparing her big move to Los Angeles in december 2019. There will be ups and downs but one thing for sure, she will never give up and do her best everyday to make her dream come true. Join now the LOF community on instagram (click here). Let’s help each other on our way to success! Together, we are stronger!

Prohibited on this blog:


Real fur

Animal tested products

Ignorant comments/thoughts




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