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Exclusive Story | How Copper Branch’s Marketing Director Andrew Infantino Overcomes His Fear





The two things I love the most in life, despite my family and animals, are 1. Good food and 2. Good marketing. When I discovered the restaurant Copper Branch, I think I cried of joy and I’m not even joking. First, it’s a plant based/vegan healthy fast food restaurant that offers a large variety of choices (ALL OF THEM are simply delicious… JACKPOT) and second, they have such an incredible marketing… I’m in love!! What I mean is that the logo is pretty, the stores are beautiful, the meals look nice, the packaging is top notch, they created a community I have the desire to be a part of and if they had t-shirts, I would want all of them (do they? mmm I have to check)! This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an impeccable marketing.


I have witnessed with my own eyes the first Copper Branch being born and now, in addition to the numerous ones already existing, the company plans on opening 60 new locations in 2018-2019! They have new locations planned across Quebec and Ontario (the majority) but also some new openings in Vancouver, Alberta, the Maritimes, US (New York, Florida, Boston) and now even in France (6 confirmed openings in France)!

Don’t you find it so inspiring to see these kind of successful companies? I don’t know for you but for me, it is sometimes hard to visualise the people who create these brands as regular humans. It’s like if they were robots who were born with all the answers and all the knowledge needed to succeed. But that’s definitely not the case and today, we have the chance to ask the Copper Branch’s Marketing Director, Andrew Infantino, all of the things we are dying to know. He is making his dreams come true and you can do it too! That’s what Lawsofashion is all about: sharing our stories, dreams, fears and knowledge. Why? Because together, we are stronger! Here is the exclusive interview:

Andrew, what exactly is your dream?

My dream, at least at this time in my life and in connection with the work I am doing for Copper Branch, is to continue to lead the marketing department for Copper Branch and be known to have done some incredible things for Copper Branch. I would like to be known as an incredible marketer and secure a strong future and competitive advantage for the chain, while continuously looking to create and executive creative campaigns and new innovative initiatives. I hope to stay with Copper Branch and be an important and essential asset for the very long term. 

When did you start to have big ambitions?

Ever since a young age, I have always had the aspirations to do something big, to be someone great, and see things differently. Although things haven’t always gone to plan, I believe my positive affirmations of what I wanted and what I wanted to be have brought me where I am today. Now, I stand at the forefront of what might be something huge one day. And yet all around me, life is happening of course, great things are being accomplished every day. My only hope is to contribute to it and be part of something larger than myself. When I was younger, I had a great interest in business and the power of affirmations. Mentored by my father, I read many books on business life, management success, the power of thoughts, words and affirmations, and the power of the mind. I read auto-biographies on successful and inspirational business people, and I enjoyed planning out my future goals. All of this has lead me to the path I am on today.

Why do you believe in your dreams? Why do you think they can be achievable?

I believe in my dreams because it is the only thing I should be believe in… myself. I hold myself to high ambitions and hope that with enough work and support, I can achieve what I hope to accomplish. I see a lot of success, money and happiness around me and although times are not always easy, I know what I want is achievable and I need to continuously believe that I can and deserve to achieve it. My goals will only be achievable if I somewhat let myself go, express myself and stand to be heard. I still need to work on this, but if I push myself and truly fight and stand up for myself, be confident, and hold myself to the highest esteem, I see barrier in the pursuit of my dreams (barriers blocking me toward achieving my dreams, however these barriers are mostly personal issues I must overcome).

How do you stay motivated?

Seeing results keeps me motivated. The best motivation is the feeling of achievement, whether that be creating something, doing something, or simply trying something. When I look back on all of the small projects I was able to work on and get through, it makes me feel good about what lies ahead. In order to stay motivated, always focus on the final outcome of what it is you are working on. If it is worth making it to the end, your motivation will be almost natural.

What is your biggest obstacle?

My biggest obstacle is myself… my confidence and the growth I must endure. There is so much knowledge and power in this world that is it quite intimidating. I do not have a lot of the answers and every day, I work toward my goals the only way I think is best. But my lack of confidence and ability in certain areas causes stress, anxiety and fear at times. This is a daily challenge that I must overcome and seek guidance and mentorship for. My accomplishments speak for themselves, but the future seeks that I grow in my self-confidence, in my abilities and my knowledge and experience overall. I hope to find another mentor who could help guide me as well.

Are you afraid when you think about achieving your dreams? How do you surpass the fear?

I am definitely afraid of achieving the dreams and my biggest fear stems from the thought of having hundreds of people depend and demand for results from a department that I must lead. Not having experienced this before, I can only imagine what it must feel like to speak to this crowd and assure their success. The future of the brand and of the company rests on my actions along with our dedicated team. The only hope I have is to remain confident in my direction and seek help and support from my inner team and outside contacts.

Do you receive help and do you think it is necessary in order to succeed?

Yes. We are continuously looking to build the team with quality, passionate and dedicated people. This is an on-going process and I look forward to working with some incredible people.

Who inspires you the most?

Steve Jobs has already been an incredible inspiration. After reading his auto-biography after his passing and truly working toward understanding how it is he thought and perceived the world, I was truly moved. Jobs truly did think different, understanding that a consumer does not want hardware, they want an experience. I live by this everyday and seek to create experiences where there was nothing before. His actions, his speeches, his writings have left me motivated and inspired for life.


If money didn’t exist, what would you be doing of you life?

This is always a difficult question, as the pursuit of money is always a key objective. However if money was not a factor, I would like to travel the world and study psychology and culture in different countries. I am extremely fascinated with the way people live and the differences in one person’s lifestyle to the next, from country to country. If I could travel the world and experience a new culture every year, for example, I believe that would simply be incredible and very engaging. Every day could be a new opportunity to learn something new, explore a part of history, see an awe inspiring structure or natural artifact. I have had the opportunity to travel to a few beautiful places on our planet, however look forward to continuing to do so.

This story is full of positive vibes and energy! Are you feeling the same? Don’t you just want to jump into your own projects and work as hard as Andrew Infantino to make your dreams come true? Let me know down in the comments how much you enjoyed reading this interview and how you are feeling RIGHT NOW about your own dreams. Share this story so you can inspire someone who needs to be. Join the LOF Squad if you are a dreamer, a goal digger and a fearless person who wants to make your dreams come true:

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