Make it a crop!

Because our collection is unisex, we sell our tees and our sweaters with a regular length. But as girls, we all know that a crop top is sexy and cute as hell! So… YAAAS! Any top we sell, you can easily make it a crop top! Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it like a pro and not mess up your new top.


Identify a crop top length. Put on the shirt you will be using and stand in front of a mirror. Fold the bottom of the shirt up and play around with different lengths until you find one you like. A typical length is a few inches above the belly button, but you can make the length shorter or longer if you like. Use a fabric pen or chalk to mark the length that you want the shirt to be.

  • You may want to have a friend help you with this part. Ask them to trace a line going all the way around the top where you want to crop it.

TIP: Plan to leave the shirt a little longer than you want it to be to ensure that you like the length. You can always make it shorter, but you can’t make it longer again.


Cut off the bottom of the shirt at the length you have chosen. Remove the top and lay it on a flat, hard surface, such as on a table, a countertop, or the floor. Smooth out the shirt so that there are no bumps in the fabric. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut STRAIGHT across the line you have traced onto the shirt.

  • Make sure that there are no jagged edges! It is important to cut the shirt cleanly for best results.

Show us the result!!