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The New Lawsofashion + Giveaway + Epic Parties All Over The World

The new Lawsofashion is YOU

Hi! My name is Marie-Ange Mourad and I am the founder of this blog. Lawsofashion exists since a while now but I decided to do something brand NEW with it. Something fun. Something useful. I want to make a change.

The new Lawsofashion is YOU, is ME, is US… ALL of the people who have big dreams and believe it is possible to make them come true. I don’t know for you, but for me, I could really use some motivation + tips from girls that are experimenting the same things. Yes, this community is “my dream coming true”, but this is not just about me. It’s about all of you, all of US. Together, we are stronger and we can make our dreams come true. That’s the power of Lawsofashion! Let’s call ourselves the LOF Squad!

Badass parties and lots of surprises

I want Lawsofashion to be extra special so I have A LOT of surprises to come, just for you. What! It’s true! I want the LOF Squad to be fun for all of us and also, soon enough, I’m throwing some huge badass LOF parties all over the world! This is gonna be EPIC. For more details on what exactly is Lawsofashion, click here.

A little foretaste!!

It’s Top Secret. I can’t tell you yet all the fun things that’s coming up on Lawsofashion, but I could tell you at least 2 things. FIRST, there is a HUGE giveaway coming soon on instagram so make sure to follow @lawsofashion (click here to follow) because trust me, you don’t want to miss it. And SECOND, in the next few weeks, amazing people you love (can’t tell you who yet…) will be sharing THEIR “dream” story with us. They will be revealing all the juicy details about their success journey we all are dying to know. To be honest, I myself just can’t wait to read their story because I find it so inspiring. Too often we think that people who succeed have supernatural powers, or worst, that they are “lucky”, but the truth is that they are exactly like us + they work very hard, and to read about their experiences motivates us and show us that anything is possible.

Shop my collection!

I am beyond excited to announce that I finally launched my first collection (click here to shop)! Yup, our community now has a special collection that I designed myself which includes unique and classy (oh and very versatile) tees, hoodies, backpacks and caps. But the best is that each of these items possess supernatural powers that will give you the strength and the confidence you need to achieve your biggest dreams. They are all made in Unicorn Island, a place known for its wonders and wild unicorns. The collection is divided in three categories: dreamers, fearless and goal diggers. You choose which strength you need the most. And if you need all three of them, help yourself!

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  1. Thank you so much! And welcome in the LOF Squad!

  2. Beautiful page!
    Amazing idea

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